As We Settle In...

It's been too long since I've written, fellow Parents. Proudly tackling more than I should be lately. Well, no... actually, I think I've found a pretty good balance. Granted, BuddyO is now almost 5 months old, so I'm still in the middle of sleep-depravation. He's doing great at night. Rouses for 3 or 4 nursings like clockwork. We started bed-sharing with him right off the bat and both Daddy and I have enjoyed all the cuddles, kisses, and his sweet baby scent from the beginning. Feels like a luxury this time around nixing so much of the fear and just focusing on our enjoyment.

I've definitely hit moments of "this is the last time" for such-n-such. I was driving to the store the other day alone (I know, imagine that!) and had the music blaring and BuddyO sleeping while was I enjoying singing. I did realize sadly I'll never sing to another babe in my belly though and it's little moments like that where I'm so thankful for the perspective that comes with a second child. Just really knowing that even any of the hardships not only will they pass quickly but they will, in fact, be missed. 

Sidekick is quickly approaching 3 years old... I can not believe it. I'm so fascinated with him. He's constantly telling me elaborate stories, asking me to play with him (embellished plots all with make-believe props), the things in life he has questions about and the way he relates to our answers just astound me. It's one of those things as a parent that makes you stop and realize, "wow, my parents must have done the same with me in order to teach me". 

So aside from the boys I'm contributing to our household by going to school finally. It feels like such a blessing at the age of 32 to go to school rather than at 18. I'm happy to know what I want to achieve and the benefits it will bring myself and my family. And though it definitely takes the very last of my energy to focus on school, it's great to have something for myself.



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