About Me :

I like to think I've been there and done that. For the most-part that's true. However my current role as a mother leaves me surprised that each day brings not only something new, but leaves me astounded, amazed, and humbled that I have been blessed with these children. That, or I end up feeling like a cross between the "new kid in town" and a deer in headlights. I'm a Mom. Mom I am.
I will admit, I didn't "get" parenting before I was one. That is to say, I didn't get why anyone would want to have kids in the first place. Now the joy that is in my life as a result of being a Mom I whole-heartedly wish upon everyone and there is no other topic I'd rather chit-chat about.
Hubby and I have been together for what feels like eons. I treasure the years we lived together before children, our adventures and hardships in life. I love that we were best friends before we took on the parenting gig and thankful I still count him as my number one confidant and companion. We finally changed our mind on having children, seemed like the last great frontier as far as adventures go. So why not? Now with Sidekick and BuddyO / Buddy Roo we both laugh at our former selves and can't believe the joys that almost passed us by.
I'm not only wife and Mom. I've been, and am, girl, woman, daughter, sister, and friend. All of these are so interwoven yet all have their own voice and perspective. Sometimes these other roles and titles will certainly make their way into my posts. 
In the interest of full disclosure I've always been a writer, elaborate daydreams of penning many phenomenal works. One day women will tuck themselves n big cozy beds intermittently bursting out with belly laughs startling their partners or letting tears fall in connection to sentiments they too have felt. So now I begin this little exercise and send my thoughts out publicly to the Universe, typed in black and white, hopefully inspiring reflection, a snippet of conversation to share with a fellow Mom, but at the very least, either in agreement or absolute contention, a sense of community.



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