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This week I feel I'm flooded in my online community with support. None of the fellow writers, or bloggers, know that their writings have inspired, helped, and supported me throughout the week. Sidekick's 5th birthday is seriously 12 days away! So 5 feels like quite the "milestone" when you sit back and reflect on lots of the choices you made when they were little and what you see has come to pass as far as your child's temperament, coping skills, perseverance, and empathy.

I think back to all the nights up nursing, how long he co-slept, everywhere I carried him, his big transitions, times away from me at pre-school, adventures now with friends, and his ability to care for his younger brother. I have no problem saying my husband and I deserve a pat on the back. Who his is now is no guarantee for the future. Still, it is such a blessing to just sit back and really know in your bones you did a good job and everyone is minimally scarred. 

This week there was one read in-particular that was uplifting and yet I can't find it. From a SAHD of 3 boys and his dialogue to all the parents out there. It was beautiful. But here are the other reads this week that were especially good. Some are more factual, but that can release a great sigh from a mother when she hears that the medical world is really starting to pay attention to the whole human being again: their spirit, their emotion, all that is housed within the body.

The entire blog : On The Fence Advocacy
And this about ADHD and lack of sleep in children... Brilliant!

There are things out there that enrage me also, on the parenting spectrum. When I encounter a different viewpoint however, now I'm able to quickly stop reading, long before the comments section. I think the online world is no different that the real, 3-D, full-of-actual-people world in that we can find support if we look for it and we are greatly influenced by what we choose to let in. 

This week as I reflect on motherhood and my child getting so much older I feel really good about the place I've gotten to as a parent. That's not to say I won't, or don't, question myself at times. But it's a far cry from the very early years. 



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