Mid week break

This whole week has been one big clamoring for reserves of energy I just don't have. Truly, though it has been the past couple weeks. Finishing up with finals at school, rushing around waiting for the lottery drawings for Sidekick and the forms for any/all magnet schools. The actual enrollment into the school we are in district for, Mother's Day, Sidekick's 5th Birthday, my graduation coming up on Saturday. 

Then there are the three nights I work, all the regular cooking, cleaning, teaching. Meanwhile I feel overwhelmed with the entire list I've given myself for the summer. Must dos and even just fun stuff.

But not today. Today I'm doing nothing important. Watched two episodes of Game of Thrones after the grocery store. Since then I've emailed my best friend while sitting outside while BuddyO plays. Now I'm writing this. But all this is important, maybe more than "accomplishing things". Since this is the stuff that recharges so you can accomplish.

I will still need to do the dishes before work and pick up Sidekick. However, I still plan on gifting myself with some journal time and possibly have some time to read the book I've been in the middle of for months.



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