When Extended Family is MIA

Okay I think I'm gonna hit this up in a whole new way. Here I though making "articles" would be the only way to interest people but I realize that's not how I think, nor write. It was too difficult and not fun... and I've always enjoyed writing. This should be no different. Where am I in life right now? 60 days away from my due date, potty-trained 2 year old (rock on!), to-do list for the home a mile long, anxious to go back to school finally (winter semester at the great age of 32) and feeling really excited about all of it. 
There have been lots of changes in my life, in the dynamic of family mainly. Recently my brother and Uncle to my children moved away from Asheville. We both had settled here a couple years ago and now more than ever I wish he was here. So that's been hard on me. When filling out emergency contact forms, wanting to pick the best person should, Goddess forbid, something happen, I feel I have no one to put. Granted, I have tons of mommy friends who I would trust. Looking at the practical side though all the ones I trust the most already have two children and the likely-hood of a 3rd car-seat or the ability to wrangle a third at a moments notice leaves me feeling without resource. I find now family takes on a whole new role and is very much romanticized in my grand vision. I would give anything for my parents to move here to Asheville, the sooner the better! Just the thought of dropping off my eldest to be with Nana if needed or down the road (when the constant nursing subsides a bit) both the kids to either get things done, have "ME" time, or even *gasp* alone time with my Husband sounds like a magical fairy-tale.

I think anyone with family near them while raising children is truly blessed. I do notice how spread out families are now-a-days and can't help but think how this adds one more hardship to today's Moms who are supposed to "do it all" and ultimately just have to when no relations are living nearby. Granted, there are numerous daycares, Kid's Morning Out programs, structured activities and play programs and the ability to swap childcare with friends.  All of which I think are great for a child's growth, having multiple care-givers showing your child reliable ways in which their little world operates.  Hands down though there aren't those who will love and care for your kids like your own kin. 

So if family isn't around or involved in raising your children, what's a family to do? Emotionally that is. That's what I struggle with. How do you cultivate those deep relationships where not only the kids get along well but you find those other Mothers and Fathers that respond to your child with unconsequential love and seamlessly pick up where you leave off? Ah, to ponder. And to search. 



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