Swift Kick In The Pants

Certainly it's all spring's fault. Well, I should say spring blessed me really. Here I am again, back on the computer with "free time" to jot down some thoughts and get back out into the virtual world. The
sense of renewal spring brings, I feel upon waking each day now. With my children a bit older I do have a tangible ablity to take on a bit more, have a clear train of though (sometimes), and a true desire to have something all to myself in the world once again.

It hasn't been for lack of connection to a computer that I've been absent so long. In fact, taking a full course load, much of which is online, has probably soured me on spending even more time online typing rather than made it all the more accessible. With Sidekick now 4.5 and BuddyO a bit over 2 there is still the eternal tug-of-war for my time. The two of them are playing more and more together without need of a referee (ie: parents), and that is supremely refreshing. However, it never fails that the more online work that must be done, long essays and what-have-you, the more I'm needed in the present. The more conflict, cuddling, hunger, and messes that require a bit of Mom I Am.

My absolute dearest friend in the world, and fellow blogger, Full Plate Momma has definitely been an inspiration for me to just get back into blogging no matter if I have myself set up "right".  I love to write so much and have not exercised my inner voice in so very long. It amazes me that I talk all day and yet so rarely with other adults. When I do, conversation always skims the surface and rarely has time, or peace and quiet without the cacophony of children playing, that would allow a conversation to really bloom.

Spring has heralded for her a jumping off point of ideas and goals. So I'm following her lead and I am going to purposefully carve out time, let's say 3 times a week right now, to write about all things: mommy, children, parenting, marriage, family, budgeting, projects... big and small, grand ideas and the mundane. So y'all will have to be my soil, the ground in which I plant my ideas. With time and patience, watered in discussions, warmed by the sunshine of other female souls, I hope to really grow my identity in the online world.

I can not promise writing that will be of the highest caliber, that my sentences won't ramble, or I won't excessively utilize flowery language (since I've been barred from it in the academic realm). I can not promise that I will have the time to write back on all of the comments, tweet endlessly, fluidly link in media and all the bells and whistles of popular blogs. I can not promise that I won't write things that hurt certain women's feelings or come off sounding judgmental or "know-it-all"-ish. Just know my intent is pure and one of kindness really. I love to explore ideas, I love to analyze and discuss, but no matter what I do truly have opinions on certain things. I think having my own opinion, and being able to publicly share it, is a blessing. All I ask is if it does not resonate with you or if you ever feel slighted by my own philosophies and conclusions, that you give me room to discuss with you. I do hold sacred that your ideas are just as important and real as my own. My writings are not meant to sway anyone, but instead, allow those that have felt some of the feelings I have in this parenting journey that far away connection of someone else who feels as you do.



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